Can Pregnant Women eat Fish? YES!

Once you find out you’re pregnant, it seems like there an unbelievable number of rules to follow, and you might wonder: “Can pregnant women eat fish?” While this topic has been the subject of great debate, as long as you eat the right kind of seafood products, eating fish while you are pregnant is perfectly acceptable—and even encouraged.

can-pregnant-women-eat-fish-200x300In fact, current research indicates that a better question than “can pregnant women eat fish?” would be “how much fish should pregnant women eat?”! The healthy Omega-3 fatty acids in fish not only help a baby’s growing brain, but the FDA has found that eating fish can help reduce the risk of preterm delivery, low birth rate, and even postpartum depression. The current FDA recommendation is that pregnant women eat an average of twelve ounces of cooked fish weekly.

Of course, the type of fish consumed is important. Can pregnant women eat fish that is raw or undercooked, or fish that is high in mercury? No, these are dangerous practices. Instead, pregnant women, and women who may become pregnant, should choose from a variety of fish that are low in mercury, including:

  • Shrimp
  • Sardines
  • Pollock
  • Catfish
  • Light tuna
  • Salmon

Salmon may be the superstar of fish, and when the question “can pregnant women eat fish?” refers to salmon, the answer is a resounding yes! As long as it’s cooked, salmon is an excellent choice for anyone, especially pregnant women. Choose Chinook (King), Keta, Silver, Humpy, or Red, and you will be doing yourself and your baby a favor by ingesting beneficial nutrients like DHA and EPA.

Can pregnant women eat fish? Absolutely! If you are expecting a new addition to your family, Morey’s Seafood can help you make the best seafood choices to help you and your little one stay happy and healthy, by providing tasty, responsibly sourced, and easy to prepare seafood. Visit the website for more information, including tasty recipes, or connect with the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

Celebrating 75 Years of Seafood Manufacturer Morey’s Seafood

It might surprise you to learn that a top seafood manufacturer is located in Motley, Minnesota, but that is exactly where Morey’s Seafood has been creating delicious seafood products for seventy-five years. From frozen dinners that are easy to prepare for your family, to restaurant ready seafood dishes, Morey’s has been at the top of the industry for years. The secret to the company’s success? A firm commitment to quality that has been in place since Ed Morey established Morey’s back in 1937.

shutterstock_92189368-300x290In the beginning, Mr. Morey was just a farmer who found that he had a knack for smoking fish, and decided to open a manufacturing facility. From that humble start, Morey’s has grown into what it is now: a leading seafood manufacturer, producing hundreds of seafood items, for sale to both retail and food service clients, nationwide. Today, Morey’s is the primary employer in the town of Motley, Minnesota, and is a member of the National Fisheries Institute, dedicated to expanding safe, responsible, and sustainable supply.

Commitment to responsible practices, excellent service, and the development of employees makes Morey’s one of the top wholesale seafood distributors in the industry. Now, the seafood manufacturer is rising to the challenge of the modern marketplace, by embracing new aspects of the business world, while maintaining the same quality that has always been so important. Reaching out to consumers through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn groups, Morey’s is poised to make the next seventy-five years even better than the previous seventy-five.

Frozen fish distributors may come and go, but when you find a seafood manufacturer with such high standards and longevity, you know you have found something special. Morey’s products are fresh, delicious, and easy to prepare. The website is full of recipes and helpful information, and the online community is thriving. Far more than just a seafood manufacturer in a small town in Minnesota, Morey’s has gone global, bringing the best seafood products from around the world to tables across the nation. For more information, visit the website, or connect with the online community on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The New Food Pyramid Requirements

food-pyramid-requirements-189x300Did you know that the new food pyramid is really a plate? In 2011, the USDA changed from The Food Pyramid to My Plate, because MyPyramid was failing to capture the public’s attention. The new symbol for the USDA’s food guide is meant to inspire the public and actively lead people to make the correct eating choices, particularly in supermarkets and restaurants where you may buy seafood.

The New York Times reports that the pyramid’s replacement will be a “plate-shaped symbol, sliced into wedges for the basic food groups and half-filled with fruits and vegetables.” The wedges will be color coded for fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein. A smaller plate next to the large plate represents dairy, and the new symbol is designed to be easily understood at a glance.

The concept is the same: more of some foods, less of others. In this new USDA food pyramid design, though, the visual effect is meant to inspire people to eat the proper portions, and avoid sugary beverages. With this change, seafood is a part of the Protein section, which includes beans and other types of meat. MyPlate has different daily recommendations of how much protein you should eat, but it is around 4 to 6 ounces daily. MyPlate says you should choose seafood at least twice a week as the main protein food. Look for seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, trout, and herring. Some ideas are:

  • Salmon steak or filet
  • Salmon loaf
  • Grilled or baked trout

One of the most beneficial nutrients found in seafood is omega-3 fatty acids, and those acids are a great reason to eat more seafood as suggested by the USDA and MyPlate. Omega-3 fatty acids are valuable because they help cells grow and stay healthy.  They also assist in lowering blood pressure, improve brain function and memory, lower triglyceride levels, and decrease the possibility of heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer, allergies, and other diseases.  Omega-3’s can even help in the development of the brain and visual system of young babies.

If you are interested in a healthy diet, Morey’s Seafood can help you meet the seafood requirement! Morey’s provides tasty, responsibly sourced, easy-to-prepare seafood available all across the nation. We make it easy to meet your daily protein intake and your seafood options include Salmon, Tilapia, mahi-mahi and more! Visit our website at or go to year nearest store and pick some up today.

What is Wild Alaskan Salmon?

You may have heard that Wild Alaskan salmon is extremely nutritious, high in not only Omega 3s, but also vitamins A and D, and minerals like zinc, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. These nutrients, found in many kinds of seafood, are beneficial to many parts of the human body; eyes, muscles, and metabolism. They may even help prevent heart disease! However, many people still have some questions about whether Wild Alaskan salmon, one of several salmon products, is a good seafood option.

wild-alaskan-salmon-300x151Is Wild Alaskan salmon sustainable? The answer is a resounding yes! Not only is Alaskan salmon low in contaminants and full of nutrition, it is also caught with gear that does very little damage to the environment. Considered a “Best Choice” fish by Seafood Watch, it is currently certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and it carries an independent, third party FAO-Based Responsible Fisheries Management Certification.

  • How can Wild Alaskan salmon be fresh, if it is shipped all the way from Alaska? Some salmon is flash frozen at the peak of freshness, to seal in many vital nutrients.  Salmon sold in fresh form, during the fresh salmon season, is flown from Alaska on a daily basis.  This product arrives to market more quickly than almost any other protein!
  • What are the different salmon types? There are five species of Wild Alaskan salmon:
    • King (Chinook) is the largest of the salmon, with flaky flesh and succulent flavor. Kings have the highest oil content of all the salmon varieties. They are usually sold as whole fish, fillets or steaks.
    • Sockeye (Red)  is the second most abundant type of Alaskan salmon, and it is prized  for its rich flavor. Consumers are beginning to discover the value of this delicious fish.
    • Coho (Silver) has a distinctive red-orange color, and an excellent firmness. Similar to King salmon in texture, Coho makes an excellent choice for steaks and fillets.
    • Keta (Chum) has a delicate flavor, and lower oil content than many other types of salmon. Usually available in steak and fillet forms, Keta is excellent for marinating and smoking in particular.
    • Pink is the most abundant salmon species, distinguished by its light, rosy pink color. With a tender, delicate flavor, pink salmon is typically sold in canned or frozen form.
    • Why is wild salmon red? Wild salmon gets its color from eating a diet of krill. Because the diet of wild salmon can vary, the color can also vary.
    • Why is Wild Alaskan salmon so nutritious? Salmon need fresh water in which to spawn. During the salmon life cycle, they travel far out into the ocean, where food is dense with nutrition. The salmon stock up on food in the ocean, because they will not eat after they have returned to fresh water to complete their spawning cycle. Therefore, salmon heading inland from the ocean are full of fats and nutrients, making them tasty and nutritious.

Are you looking for ways to put more salmon on your family’s dinner table? For seventy-five years, Morey’s Seafood has been delivering fresh, high quality, easy to prepare fish to retailers and restaurants across the nation. For more information, visit the website or connect with the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

Motley, MN: A Seafood Product Hub


When choosing a seafood product, you probably do not think much about the people and places behind it. You might choose a familiar brand name, without ever stopping to consider the town where the food you are buying is produced. It might surprise you, in fact, to learn that many seafood products come from Motley, Minnesota, a small town deep in the northern lakes area of Minnesota, a little over two hours away from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. When Morey’s Seafood was started over seventy-five years ago, the path was paved for Motley to become home to the production of many retail consumer packaged seafood products.

In 1937, a farmer named Ed Morey, who lived in Motley, decided to use his talent for smoking fish to create a new business. He started with a modest smokehouse, and soon people were coming from all over to buy his products. That little “Morey’s Fish House” grew and grew! A manufacturing plant was built and over the years it was refined and modified into the state of the art facility that still sits in Motley today. At present, Morey’s Seafood International delivers hundreds of high-quality frozen seafood products to retailers and restaurants across the nation. And yes, never forgetting our roots, smoked fish is still a proud offering from our product list.

In a small town like Motley, Minnesota, a company as successful as Morey’s is a big deal. Between the Morey’s plant, and Morey’s Seafood Market, many of the town’s nearly six hundred residents rely on the company for their livelihood. As a result of Morey’s presence in Motley, another seafood processor specializing in imitation crab meat products sprung up next door, and is now also a major employer in the area. Motley has truly become a seafood production hub in the upper Midwest!

Being in a small town brings an expectation for a home town feel, and so Morey’s strives to be a great place to work, placing as much value on the dignity and development of our employees as we do on developing each high quality seafood product. When Morey’s was established in 1937, the town of  Motley, itself, was just sixty years old. Morey’s is deeply tied to the community, and committed to its continued growth and success.

PlantJust as we value our employees, Morey’s takes pride in each seafood product we manufacture, creating easy to prepare meals in a responsible manner that provide  nutritious food to families across the country while helping to protect the environment. As a proud member of the National Fisheries Institute, Morey’s shares that organization’s values of implementing safe and responsible supply practices, while encouraging increased seafood consumption.

If you are in the market for a seafood product that is delicious, easy to prepare, and responsibly harvested, consider Morey’s Seafood. Visit the website for more information, or to find recipes and helpful tips. Alternately, join the online community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Introducing Shrimp Creations: Adding more to Morey’s Array of Seafood Products

Morey’s Seafood has been committed to providing high quality seafood since we were founded in 1937. When Ed Morey first opened his business, he specialized in smoked fish with an emphasis on seafood products high in quality and taste. Seventy-five years later, we still pride ourselves in our continued commitment to those same principles, while creating new, great tasting and convenient seafood products to bring to your table.

SC_Scampi_Shrimp_frnt-239x300Our newest product line, Shrimp Creations, lives up to the high standards you’ve come to expect from Morey’s Seafood. Easy, affordable, great tasting and the quality you have come to know and love.  Available in four great, chef inspired flavors: Thai Curry, Seasoned Alfredo, Creamy Parmesan and Scampi. There’s one that’s sure to appeal to your tastes; even to the pickiest of eaters.

Morey’s Shrimp Creations are the ultimate in convenience food – for easy, quick  entertaining on the fly or just a hassle free dinner after a long day at the office. We designed Shrimp Creations with your busy life in mind and ease of use at the forefront of our product design. Choose whichever cooking method is easiest for you; microwave, sauté or bake and your meal can be ready in as little as 4 minutes. No need to even defrost! Just prepare and add to your favorite rice or pasta, and you’ll have a saucy and satisfying meal in just minutes.

We’re sure you’ll love the flexibility Shrimp Creations gives you to create quick, great tasting meals to simplify your busy life.  Shrimp Creations is an addition to our already popular Fish Creations line of affordable, restaurant quality Morey’s Seafood products.

SC_Curry_Shrimp_2012-239x300Morey’s Seafood products are available at a variety of retailers across the country. Be sure to check out our website,, for more information about our products. You can sign up to receive tips and recipes from our kitchen to yours. For more interactive conversation, follow us on Twitter or “like” us on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you.

And remember: Good taste. It runs in our family.