SeaShare and Ocean Trust: Morey’s Gives Back with Seafood Products


Give Back

Give Back

Since its inception in 1937, Morey’s Seafood has been committed to providing families with high quality seafood products. But what does that really mean? Morey’s believes that it is not enough to deliver great tasting, easy to prepare seafood; sustainability and community outreach must also be priorities. The company’s vision is to put a wide variety of delicious, nutritious seafood on tables across America, while nurturing the community and protecting the environment. To that end, Morey’s has partnered with SeaShare and Ocean Trust, in order to promote responsible harvesting of seafood products, and find a way to give back.


While there are hundreds of organizations around the country and the world that focus on ending world hunger, SeaShare is the only one that focuses solely on seafood products and the seafood industry as a source of nutrition for hunger relief. The organization coordinates and combines donations from seafood distributors and wholesale seafood companies who want to give back to the community. Since the program began in 1994, more than 150 million meals have been provided to Feeding America’s food bank network—that’s more than 25 million pounds of seafood!

Morey’s Seafood is a proud donor of quality seafood products to SeaShare. In order to qualify as a seafood product donor for the SeaShare program, we had to prove that our sources are sustainable and that we responsibly utilize our marine resources. Our fresh seafood is indeed obtained responsibly, so we eagerly became a SeaShare donor as soon as we realized all the good that organization is doing!

Ocean Trust

This organization is all about keeping the public in touch with the reality of good and bad sustainability advice. The chairman of Ocean Trust proclaims that “rebuilding stocks through management is the key to sustainability, not campaigns that confuse consumers.” Ocean Trust has received six national awards for its wildlife and marine conservation efforts, and will continue its efforts to make real information available to the public.

Morey’s is proud to be considered a “Coastal Patron” with Ocean Trust. We want consumers to know which seafood products from certain fisheries are truly sustainable and which species are actually endangered, which is specifically why we endorse the important work done by the Ocean Trust organization.

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Morey’s Involvement with the National Fisheries Institute


Morey's Seafood Company

Morey’s Seafood Company

Morey’s Seafood, one of the nation’s top seafood companies, is proud to be affiliated with the National Fisheries Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to seafood education and stewardship. Known for its commitment to quality, Morey’s Seafood maintains stringent standards of quality control and food safety, and adheres to strict policies regarding sustainable seafood harvesting. It’s only natural, then, that the company would cultivate affiliations with similarly minded organizations, committed to seafood industry best practices, and to maintaining a sustainable food source. The National Fisheries Institute is one such organization.

The National Fisheries Institute and its partners seek to be good stewards of the environment, adhering to the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Fisheries. This is because they know that investing in the seas today will reap the rewards of plentiful fish and seafood for our children, and generations to come. Located in McLean Virginia, the National Fisheries Institute headquarters is the base of operations for the organization, whose member companies span many different aspects of the seafood business, from fishing vessel operators, to seafood restaurants, to seafood companies. Because of their appreciation for seafood, all of these businesses have come together to support the NFI’s goals of  advocating responsible aquaculture, supporting free trade, and promoting the implementation of sound public policy, based on scientific facts.

Dedicated to providing education about seafood safety, sustainability, and nutrition, the National Fisheries Institute is also an important resource for information on fish and sea food. This commitment to education is clearly demonstrated on their website,, which contains a wealth of information, including seafood recipes and nutritional facts.  Chockfull of entertaining blog posts, interesting information, tips and advice from experts, and even seafood related news, this site is well worth browsing through, whether you’re trying to plan dinner or wondering about the health benefits of seafood.

Because of a deeply held belief in the value of incorporating seafood into a healthy lifestyle, Morey’s Seafood has been committed to providing high quality seafood, in a convenient way, to encourage healthy eating. In addition, the company actively seeks to partner with organizations that promote sustainable harvesting of seafood, and have an environmental conscience. For more information about the National Fisheries Institute please visit their website at