Using Frozen Seafood To Create Quality Meals for a Healthy Lifestyle

Seafood is not only a delicious and accessible delicacy, but it is also part of a healthy balanced diet. As a busy professional, or full time parent, you may think the time constraints of life may prevent you from adding fish or seafood to your nutrition plan. If you are a seafood expert, or just short on time to cook, a quality frozen seafood is an excellent solution to add seafood to your diet.

Companies like Morey’s offer convenient options that are easy to cook and ready to add to any meal.  With products ranging from marinated salmon, shrimp, mahi mahi, tilapia and other great seafood products, Morey’s can add a healthy protein to any meal in just minutes. To add quality frozen seafood products to your healthy lifestyle, look for Morey’s in your local grocery store. To find the nearest retailer in your area, visit or call (866) 577-1709.

Motley, MN: A Seafood Product Hub


When choosing a seafood product, you probably do not think much about the people and places behind it. You might choose a familiar brand name, without ever stopping to consider the town where the food you are buying is produced. It might surprise you, in fact, to learn that many seafood products come from Motley, Minnesota, a small town deep in the northern lakes area of Minnesota, a little over two hours away from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. When Morey’s Seafood was started over seventy-five years ago, the path was paved for Motley to become home to the production of many retail consumer packaged seafood products.

In 1937, a farmer named Ed Morey, who lived in Motley, decided to use his talent for smoking fish to create a new business. He started with a modest smokehouse, and soon people were coming from all over to buy his products. That little “Morey’s Fish House” grew and grew! A manufacturing plant was built and over the years it was refined and modified into the state of the art facility that still sits in Motley today. At present, Morey’s Seafood International delivers hundreds of high-quality frozen seafood products to retailers and restaurants across the nation. And yes, never forgetting our roots, smoked fish is still a proud offering from our product list.

In a small town like Motley, Minnesota, a company as successful as Morey’s is a big deal. Between the Morey’s plant, and Morey’s Seafood Market, many of the town’s nearly six hundred residents rely on the company for their livelihood. As a result of Morey’s presence in Motley, another seafood processor specializing in imitation crab meat products sprung up next door, and is now also a major employer in the area. Motley has truly become a seafood production hub in the upper Midwest!

Being in a small town brings an expectation for a home town feel, and so Morey’s strives to be a great place to work, placing as much value on the dignity and development of our employees as we do on developing each high quality seafood product. When Morey’s was established in 1937, the town of  Motley, itself, was just sixty years old. Morey’s is deeply tied to the community, and committed to its continued growth and success.

PlantJust as we value our employees, Morey’s takes pride in each seafood product we manufacture, creating easy to prepare meals in a responsible manner that provide  nutritious food to families across the country while helping to protect the environment. As a proud member of the National Fisheries Institute, Morey’s shares that organization’s values of implementing safe and responsible supply practices, while encouraging increased seafood consumption.

If you are in the market for a seafood product that is delicious, easy to prepare, and responsibly harvested, consider Morey’s Seafood. Visit the website for more information, or to find recipes and helpful tips. Alternately, join the online community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.